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The Data Integration Lifecycle Management (DILM) Suite is a collection of free and commercial solutions designed to support DevOps with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) in the enterprise. Want to keep up with our announcements and free webinars? Join our mailing list today!

“How can I lift and shift SSIS from my enterprise servers to Azure?”

Lift and Shift SSIS
to Azure

Enterprise Data & Analytics specializes in lifting and shifting SSIS to the cloud. Cutting edge tools in the hands of our experienced data engineers get the Job Done Right. Learn more.

SSIS Catalog Compare

SSIS Catalog Compare supports SSIS project configuration, deployment, lift-and-shift, on-premises migration, code promotion, and comparison between SSIS Catalogs versions 2012 – Azure Data Factory SSIS Integration Runtime (Azure-SSIS). Deploy Catalog Folders with three clicks using the new SCCPAC Deployment Wizard!

SSIS Catalog Compare

Want to learn more about SSIS Catalog Compare? Check out the documentation!

“Is there a way to execute a batch of SSIS
packages with a single command?”

SSIS Framework
Community Edition

SSIS Framework Community Edition is a free, open source project from Enterprise Data & Analytics. Execute an “SSIS Application” – one or more SSIS packages – with a single command! Andy blogged: It is Possible to Execute SSIS in a Container. He uses an SSIS Framework to test SSIS applications in containers.

SSIS Framework

Learn more about SSIS Framework Editions and compare features.

SSIS Framework

SSIS Framework Manager ships with commercial editions of SSIS Framework. Use Framework Manager to manage SSIS Framework Application metadata stored in an SSIS Framework.

SSIS Framework

SSIS Framework Browser is a free utility from Enterprise Data & Analytics. Use Framework Browser to view metadata stored in an SSIS Framework managed using SSIS Framework Community Edition.

“Can I view all of the SSIS Catalog at a glance?”

SSIS Catalog Browser

SSIS Catalog Browser is a free utility. SSIS Catalog Browser is a single-treeview Catalog viewer, similar to SSIS Catalog Compare. SSIS Catalog Browser presents a rich, complete view of the SSIS projects, packages, and configurations metadata deployed to enterprise SSIS Catalog instances.

“Do I have to install SSMS to see SSIS Catalog Reports data?”

SSIS Catalog Reports

SSIS Catalog Reports is a free and open source SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) project. Download and deploy in your enterprise to view SSIS Catalog Reports data without installing SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)!

“Can I use Power BI to view SSIS Catalog execution logs?”

Basic SSIS Catalog Dashboard in Power BI

Basic SSIS Catalog Dashboard in Power BI is a free Power Bi template. Basic SSIS Catalog Dashboard in Power BI is a simple Catalog dashboard with slicers for Date components and SSIS Catalog projects and packages.

“Can I automate SSIS Package generation from metadata?”

BimlExpress Metadata Framework

The BimlExpress Metadata Framework generates SSIS packages – plus a Controller package to execute them – from metadata stored in a SQL Server database. It works with BimlExpress, which is free.

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