SSIS Framework Community Edition

SSIS Framework Community Edition

SSIS Framework Community Edition (link to open source bits) is a free, open source project from Enterprise Data & Analytics.

Compare SSIS Framework Editions here! Use SSIS Framework Browser (free!) to surface SSIS Framework Applications.

New! Manage SSIS Framework Applications using SSIS Framework Manager CE (Community Edition)!

SSIS Framework Community Edition is designed to support Enterprise Data Integration Lifecycle Management (DILM) by encapsulating SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) executions into collections of SSIS packages called SSIS Applications.

Here’s a short video demonstrating the execution of an SSIS Application:

An SSIS Application is a collection of SSIS packages stored in an SSIS Catalog (available in SQL Server 2012+) configured to execute in a pre-determined order. Metadata about the applications, packages, and their respective orders of execution are stored in a custom schema which is integrated into the SSIS Catalog database (SSISDB).

Included in the download are:

  • The SSIS Framework Community Edition SSIS solution, which includes a sample “Parent” SSIS Package designed to execute SSIS Applications via a single parameter (ApplicationName)
  • Two test SSIS solutions
  • Transact-SQL scripts to create and populate SSISDB-integrated tables and the generic execution stored procedures
  • The SSIS Framework Community Edition Documentation and User Guide

The SSIS Framework Community Edition will serve the enterprise data integration needs of many enterprises. For information regarding the SSIS Framework Commercial and Enterprise Editions, please contact Enterprise Data & Analytics.

Learn more about the SSIS Framework Community Edition by viewing the recording of the Launch Webcast: Introducing SSIS Framework Community Edition!