SSIS Catalog Archive

SSIS Catalog Archive is a free, open-source project from Enterprise Data & Analytics. SSIS Catalog Archive is designed to support Enterprise Data Integration Lifecycle Management (DILM) by storing SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Catalog log data indefinitely in an archive database, archiving SSIS Catalog logging tables to manage the size of the SSIS Catalog database.

SSIS Catalog Archive is a combination of T-SQL scripts and an SSIS solution built in SQL Server Data Tools 2017.

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The solution contains a number of T-SQL scripts, including:

  • Create SSISDBArchive Database
  • execute _SSISDBArchive_Controller
  • SSISDBArchive_SSISDB_Count_Mismatches
  • SSISDBArchive_SSISDB_Counts_Compare
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